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Telecommuting Safety with SolarWinds RMM

63% of organizations have seen an increase in the number of attempted cyberattacks since the initial COVID-19 quarantine and related work-from-home period started.

Remote access risk factors:

What challenges do IT professionals face?

disositivos cortafuegos

Devices are not protected by the corporate firewall/UTM.

router domestivo protegido

Basic home routers are the gateway to the internet.

trabajadores teletrabajo

Employees often use personal equipment for work.

redes domesticas seguras

Home networks include family (shared) computers.

acceso archivos vpn

Work files are accessed via VPN.

The impact of this change

Risks and challenges

  • User devices are at risk of infection or data theft

    • Malicious emails or websites.
    • Unpatched software.
  • Other devices on the network create risk

    • IoT devices can be unsecure.
    • Other computers may not remain current with patch updates and AV definitions.
  • Home Wi-Fi is an uncertain environment

    • Security level concerns (secure passwords, admin access to router, etc.).
  • Can’t filter home email

    • Caution end users against checking home email on company devices.
  • Lack of visibility into home environment

    • Think about installing monitoring agents on home devices.
  • Users may not consider security risks at home

    • Consider stepping up monitoring for malware.
  • Users tend to save more documents locally

    • Data is at risk without a cloud-based backup.

How we respond:

Protect the core layers

  • Priority: endpoint protection

  • Patch management

  • Patch management

The minimum viable security plan

  • Endpoint protection

    Ensure it is installed and up-to-date on all end user devices.

  • Patch management

    Ensure the work system is up to date (either advise on patching or use agent to patch system)

  • Mail protection

    Enable spam filtering to help prevent malicious emails from making it to the user.

Additional items to consider

  • Web protection

    Prevent a click from becoming an infection.

  • Password management

    Encourage secure use of unique, complex passwords.

  • Backup

    Protect the data used locally on an end-user’s system.

Deploy these features easily
with SolarWinds® RMM

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